Weather and Demand, Whether or Not It’s Demanded
Published: Oct 1, 2018
Location: The Source (APGA Quarterly Publication)
Article on the basics of modeling natural gas peak demand and some simple techniques to improve demand models. Please note that the awkward start to the fourth sentence wasn’t in my original submission.

Winning Insight into Gas Losses
Published: July, 2017
Location: The Source (APGA Quarterly Publication)
Discussion of methods of tracking and analyzing discrepancies in natural gas loss calculations due to gas temperature variance.

Cold Season Planning Preparedness: From Supply to Delivery
Published: April, 2016
Location: The Source (APGA Quarterly Publication)
Discussion of the steps necessary, from a gas planning and operations perspective, to ensure that your company’s natural gas system will be ready for cold weather when it strikes.

Optimization of the Implementation of Renewable Resources in a Municipal Electric Utility in Arizona
Published: September 2014
Location: Arizona State University
Thesis for Master in Science in Mechanical Engineering which discusses the impact of implementing renewable resources (wind/solar) into the energy supply portfolio of the City of Mesa’s municipal electric utility which attempts to look at the impact on the utility down to the individual customer.

Excess Flow Valves: EFV 101
Published: August 2007
Location: 2007 Western Regional Gas Conference
Presentation on the City of Mesa’s implementation of excess flow valves, challenges faced, and creating a simple to use sizing system that can be used by field personnel.