“Save the customer more than what you’re paid and you pay for yourself”

Anthony Cadorin, MSME, PE, DGCP

Resume (Link)

With 12 years as a professional in the utility industry, Tony has developed into a leader in the southwest for analytics, planning and taking large data sets and using them to paint a clear picture.

Tony was immersed in engineering and technical work from a very young age in private industry and this work continued through a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and later a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering through Arizona State University in Tempe.  Tony is also registered Professional Engineer #52770 and is a registered Distributed Generation Certified Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers.

To supplement these skills, Tony completed the Mesa Leadership Training and Development program and is working towards completing a Master of Business Administration degree.

These skills were used in the 12 years with the City of Mesa’s natural gas, electric and district cooling utilities to reduce the utilities’ operating budgets by millions of dollars year-on-year.  Tony’s proudest accomplishment with the City is not the size, in dollars, of the energy supply portfolios that he managed every day, but rather how much smaller he was able to make those portfolios, saving the utility customers very real money.  “Save the City more than your salary and you’ll pay for yourself” is a mantra that Tony lived by at the City.  It’s a seemingly obvious conclusion, but by keeping that in mind, Tony remains focused on creating value rather than just doing work and he’s carrying forth this idea through Veritas Energy Analytics to provide high value returns for those clients who choose Veritas.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fishing, rock climbing with his wife, running with his dog Snickers, and exploring and photographing the world.